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You're Never Weird On The Internet (Almost)

I'm not too terribly big on memoirs. I'm the girl who reads because she likes a good story - and not the 'real story kind' but the fantastical, this 'purely came out of someone's brain' story. Unless it's a memoir from someone kickass (such as Malala or Stephen Hawking) or a story written about a spiritual, emotional, and/or deeply meaningful journey of some sort then I'm pretty much...meh. Not for me. 

I've officially altered my opinion.

Published : August 11th, 2015
Publisher : Touchstone (Imprint of Simon and Schuster)
Page Count : 262 pgs (available in print, e-book, and audio)
Genre : Memoir
Find the Author : Felicia Day (social media links top of site!)
"From online entertainment mogul, actress, and “queen of the geeks” Felicia Day, a funny, quirky, and inspiring memoir about her unusual upbringing, her rise to Internet-stardom, and embracing her individuality to find success in Hollywood." (From the Goodreads Blurb).

If you are not familiar with Felicia Day - let me introduce her really fast. She's : 
A) A potential slayer in the last television season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
B) The writer, producer, and star of the web-series The Guild.
C) Founder of Geek and Sundry. 
D) Double university major in mathematics and music performance (violinist!). 
E) All of the Above. 
(The answer is kind of obviously - all of the above.) :)

I've officially decided that listening to an audio is one of the best ways of taking in a memoir. Especially if said memoir is read by the actual writer (and the introduction written and read by Joss Whedon). AKA - I listened to this and I feel no shame. 

This past week while I've attempted adulthood - I've had the lovely Felicia Day as company. She was with me while I stared at my computer trying to compose a e-mail that I accidentally forgot to send to someone rather important. She was with me when I went all crazy picking up all the embarrassing things in my apartment before a forgotten in-home physical therapy appointment knocked on the door. (I have a faulty day-to-day personal memory bank). She told me her stories while I stared up at the ceiling and tried to go to sleep but couldn't because of annoying, loud people outside. If I was Doctor Who she would have been my constant, chattering companion. It was the coolest thing about my rather boring week. 

Felicia Day covers everything from her home-schooling origins, to her first kiss, to her college years, to acting, to creativity struggles, The Guild (and beyond), and her personal troubles with her mental and physical health. 

Each chapter had a point, each chapter delivered. She didn't hide the embarassing stuff - instead she shared. (Her first kiss story is hilarious). As a fan I got insight on things that I've always wondered about. I whole-heartedly enjoyed listening about the time before she created The Guild (maybe a bit too much) because I totally and completely related. In fact - I related quite heavily to everything.

She was real and honest about her problems. I've dealt with anxiety and disabling self-doubt and depression and so I paid particular attention when it came up in the later chapters. She didn't give out cheesy self-help lines or sugar-coat the hard parts. It was very much real and I very much appreciated it. I wish that's how everyone - including myself - shared about their struggles. 

Do what you love even if it's something that's not been done before. Don't ask for permission. Just do it. That's her clear and present message throughout her quirky, charming narrative. A most excellent message (if you ask me) and something that I need to learn (and put into practice) a little faster than I currently am.

The key, I think - to this whole reading (or listening) to memoirs is this : relatable-ness. I relate to Felicia Day. She literally carved herself a place in the world where she could do what she loved and be everything weird and awesome that she is. I like when people do that. It's inspiring and badass. I want to do/be that.

And so - I have decided to widen my reading spectrum even farther to include memoirs. Don't get me wrong - I'm not picking up every one that I see. But, I will stop rolling my eyes or skipping them over when I see them. 


P.S. I ALMOST FORGOT - she also has this Goodreads-based book club called Vaginal Fantasies. Link here : Vaginal Fantasy (Goodreads). This is a book blog and I almost forgot to mention a book club. lol. I've been distracted the entire time with binge-watching The Guild (And Shondaland for some reason?). 
P.P.S. She's also a natural redhead. A personal fantasy-based life goal of mine. See? Relatable-ness! :) 

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