Monday, September 5, 2016

Mini Book to Screen - Anne of Green Gables!

This week (and weekend) has been busy and I haven't had the time to write up the many blog posts I have planned. Labour Day Weekend! However, I do have some great news to spread.


Anne of Green Gables is being adapted by Netflix.

I'm just going to assume that you know what Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery is. (It's only one of the best piece of children's literature ever written). Back in the eighties Sullivan adapted the books into a trilogy (and a couple of spin-off shows not featuring Anne but in her home Island). I had a copy of the first on VHS back in the day and borrowed the rest from the library. (Remember borrowing VHS's from the library?) However, now that I'm an adult and spend too much money on books - I've never gotten around to investing in the trilogy. I have the entire book series and in my opinion they're better than the trilogy. Because. Well. Books. 

Sullivan keeps the series under lock and key. As in - it's not available anywhere to stream. I've looked. My sister has looked. We've come up with nothing. It always made me sad that something that I loved so much was held back from the current generation. Ya know, kids nowadays, all about those tv shows and movies. ;) I'm a big believer in a good book-to-screen adaption. Anne is a comfort, a beautiful and unique expression. She's all of us in some way. 

So, the news that Anne is being adopted by Netflix makes my day. I really enjoy their original television shows and I have such high hopes for the potential gorgeousness of what they'll do with Anne. L.M. Montgomery is an eloquent, descriptive writer and Anne is such a romantic, eternal dreamer - both could translate so well for a film adaption of modern abilities. The news goes that the eight-episode series written by Moira Walley-Beckett who has previously gotten acclaim for writing...Breaking Bad

Some are kind of panicking about that because Breaking Bad is dark and Ann with an E is not. And if you're in the same boat - let me throw down some good old fashion logic. Breaking Bad was probably a emotional draining project to be a part of. Writing such dark content was probably costing to a degree. After such a project, it makes sense for someone to want to switch to a lighter tone. What's more emotionally nurturing than living in Anne's world? She's a good writer and I'm hopeful for what she's done with our Ann with an E. 

Here's a link to a more informative article courtesy of the NY Times : Oh, Gilbert! 'Anne of Green 

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  1. I'm excited because Netflix has turned out some GREAT shows... *cough cough* Stranger Things. However I REALLY love the 1985 one with Megan Follows and part of me feels like they don't need to redo it.

    1. I do love the Meg Follows 1985 version. It has a special, sacred spot in my childhood heart. But I'm eager to have a high-quality adaption within streaming reach. I'm always watching things, nowadays, on my laptop or phone. And I like to think of this as not a 'redo' but as a extension, a furthering of Ann with an E. Plus, the trilogy done with Meg Follows really deviated the later books. So there's a great opportunity for them to continue and provide a closer adaption to the entire series as a whole. (My paperback copies of Anne of the Island and Anne's House of Dreams are so fragile from the years of re-reads that I'm afraid to read it all the way through. I alternate between my digital and physical copies, lol). Thank you for stopping by!


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