Saturday, February 13, 2016

Four Books to Read This Valentine's Day

I'm stuck in the phase of reading like four books at once because this week has been the week of EXTREMELY POOR ATTENTION SPAN. Because of this - I'm dedicating this post to a small collection of books that should be read around this time of year. That being said - let's clarify that Valentine's isn't just about the romantical love. It's about all kinds of love. :)

The Love
Love lost, love gained, love unrequited, love won, love constant, and love breaking and making (but not literally making as it was published in 1811). Jane Austen is a easy reach for a romantic, love-filled read. I could have easily have put down any of her works. The reason I chose this one is because it was my first exposure to Jane Austen and it has so many types of love in it. The love between father and daughters, sister to sisters, mother to daughters, love to love. And in the end it is all where it should be.  

The Love
It's interesting to think that a book written from the perspective of Death is a book of love. But, Death - if we're honest- would have the most perspective on love. Love or the lack of it is shown in the final moments of life. The Love in this book is the love of family found and lost, friendship, and the kindling of very young love. And the Love that exists in all humanity. Oh. And the love for books. It's not a light read by any means but it deserved mention on the list. 

The Love
There's a variety of love in this story but it begins and ends with the love one has to have for oneself. Female friendships and relationships holds a large place in this book. It builds around the love that the main character has to learn to pour into herself. It's has some very dark elements but it's handled with purity and lightness while still giving the content the gravitas that is needed. The Love is good in this read. 

The Love
I can't refrain from thinking of a children's book to put on the list. I'm incredibly partial to Children's Literature - as it was my first love. Interesting enough - I never read this as a child. I read it when I was older. I think anyone who has read it (or watched the movie) knows what kind of love is in this. Friendship, parent to child, and the love that transcends all categories. The kind of love that is written about in prose, in religious texts, in accolades for the human experience. Love that is kindness, constant, true, forgiving, hopeful, and brave. Always remember - we are all Princesses. And Princes. ;) 

And thus concludes my Valentine's Reads list! It's short, semi-sweet, and to the point. I hope that you're Valentine's Day is full of love in all of it's forms and non-forms. 



P.S. If you have a thought on this post or a book to add - comment below. :) 

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