Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday : Wishes for the Book Genie

What are my wishes for the Book Genie? Oh, oh - do I have ever the many!

1) I am always in need of a more storage/shelves. My first wish for the Book Genie would be creative, swoon worthy storage for my beloved friendlies.

I adore book to movies adaptations (if done correctly). An obvious but very dear wish for the Book Genie would be that these would be these books turned into movies :

2) Carry On. (The world needs this. It really does.)

3) The Ordinary Princess (I've made this wish before and I will continue to do so until it's fulfilled!)

4) The Heather Wells Mysteries (Miniseries, TV Show, a movie, franchise. I don't care...it'd be so much fun to watch!)

5) Daughters of the Moon Series  (A super popular series when I was in High School that I always thought would be a really great premise/foundation for a TV Show. Much better than Pretty Little Liars or Vampire-anything - these girls are GODDESSES.)

What about movies or a TV show into a book? Not just books but a novel. A really, lovely in-depth novel that does the original format justice. (Such as is the wish for every book to movie). 

6) Moonrise Kingdom. I could read this.

7) Sons of Anarchy, TV Show. (A manuscript was a heavy part of the plot within the series. As was the writing of the main character. I would love to read the journals of Jax Teller or the manuscript his father wrote).

8) The Village (One of my favorite horror/scary movies. I think it would be a wonderfully disturbing novel to read).

Literary worlds I would love to visit....

9) Redwall. (I would be a squirrel or a mouse)

10)  Winterfell - Game of Thrones-Verse (Before the King's visit, of course. Lol.)

And those are my top wishes for the Book Genie!

Sorry for the lateness, I sort of forgot that I hadn't finished it! What were your wishes? Anything to add to mine?


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